The Design/build process

First Contact


1. Every custom project is a little different, but most do follow a similar path and that starts with a phone call or e-mail.  At this point we will ask you questions about your project: the type, the budget, the location, the finish, your time frame and most importantly, have you had any design work done?

The answers will tell us the next step.

The Estimate


2. If you have a fully finished design we will provide you with a quotation for the project.  In this case, unless there are significant changes this will be the final price and we will head directly to step 4.

If you don't have a design that is no problem either, we will work with you to create your vision.  This may take a bit longer but we promise you will be happy in the long run since we will have ironed out (pun intended) any issues.  Now you can rest assured the price you were quoted is the price you will pay.

The Drawings


3. You love our ideas, can tolerate the price tag and were kind enough to drop off the deposit.  Now it is time for us to put pen to paper (or mouse to screen) and flesh out the particulars of the project.  We will provide you with detailed drawings and make any changes until it is just what you want.

To the Shop


4. You have signed off on our design or brought one of your own so lets get building.  This is where the true art happens and remember our goal is to provide you with something spectacular.



5. Options, options, options!

 From paint & powder coating to polishing & patinas, it seems all finishes start with the letter "P".  

Okay, they don't but either way we think your custom project deserves an amazing finish.



Q. Do you offer delivery? 

A. Yes, for a small fee we will deliver to Lee, Collier & Charlotte 

Q. Do you install?

A. We do

Q. What is your Lead Time?

A. That depends on the project, but we will always do our best to meet your deadlines

Q. Are you available for parties?

A. Will there be an open bar?